Downtown leona brown is in the house !!!!
Downtown leona brown is in the house !!!!

3x world champion downtown leona brown 2X Hall of famer inducted

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Boxing for Everyone

Classes every Friday 7:30 to 8:30  Boxing workout  includes Strength work Cardio and Boxing Techniques which include hitting the heavy bag and some pad work and it's a very good Therapy for Parkinson"s Disease Patience All is welcome and bring water because you will need it               

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I'm a 3x world champion boxing I hold the I.F.B.A  W.I.B.C and the I.W.B.F Titles Belts I'm a 1997 Golden Glove Champion and Silver Medalist Champion

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Boxing is not just for professionals boxers its a HIGH Intensity Workout that may get you ready not only in the sports of it self but you may find that this boxing workout can get you in shape for other sports that you might be involved in And its Great for people that have Parkinson"s Disease and may help you deal with Arthritis better but all in all you will burn the Calories while having fun around great people  


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Fridays 7:30 to 8:30